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We conduct all types of air-conditioning; from ventilation of industrial facilities, business premises, residential facilities, to cleanrooms. Ventilation is the supply of fresh, less humid and clean air into the area, thereby replacing spent, unclean and damp air. Ventilation is absolutely necessary, as staying in poorly ventilated facilities is harmful to our health


Discover an enormous range of floor convectors to suit every project.

As a leading manufacturer of floor convectors reliability, availability and efficiency have top priority in the field of floor convector operation.

Floor convectors can be used either as a highly effective primary heating system or as a secondary heating system to help increase overall heating system efficiency.


Displacement Technology? – Effiecient and Economical

What exactly is air treatment? Nowadays stricter requirements are imposed on the air climate in commercial buildings. After all, it is important that a healthy work climate prevails. This is not only a requirement, it also significantly increases the productivity of employees. An air handling unit or air treatment installation ensures that the air in a building is always of good quality. Gerhman Displacement Technology is the market leader in this field and is happy to help you with clean air and a healthy working climate.

Introduction to design engineering

It is important to note that all Gerhman displacement ventilation diffusers are supplied with adjustable air pattern controllers. The ability to adjust the shape of the air pattern and the resultant adjacent zone can be of great benefit when dealing with furniture, occupants and obstructions.

Architecture meets engineering

Architecturally-appealing diffusers are very important for interior designers and architects. Gerhman provides the market with a selection of unique, architecturally appealing diffusers that also offer amazing performance.

What does Gerhman offer?

Gerhman ventilation systems, including our wide range of air distribution diffusers, deliver comfort, convenience and efficiency. Whether you need residential ventilation, or a heating/cooling and hot water system for a large-scale commercial building, Gerhman has the perfect solution.

Premium quality heating solutions

High efficiency and renewable energy systems

Industry-leading design and innovations

Future-proof solutions for the next generation

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Leading the way to a more liveable future

GERHMAN is an innovative, growth oriented, medium-sized enterprise and industry leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of technically superior corrugated ventilation systems for building technology, and industrial applications. 

Today, we are globally represented with production and sales facilities. The proximity to our customers enables us to develop products and solutions that are perfectly tailored to our customers needs. Our action and business philosophy focus on our customers and their needs and requirements for our products. GERHMAN – your partner for sophisticated and technologically advanced solutions.

Looking for advice?

Looking for advice? View our article library for information on efficient ventilation,heating and cooling systems and more.

Sustainability means acting in an economically, ecologically and socially responsible manner

We see our environmental responsibility throughout the processing chain and strive to reduce the environmental and climate impact of products throughout their life cycles. Building on our longstanding commitment to sustainability, which stretches all the way back to our founding, we have now taken the next step by adopting a fully integrated approach to doing business responsibly and sustainably. We work with our suppliers to reduce the environmental footprint of our supply chain in line with a 1.5 °C global warming scenario (based on Science Based Targets).

GERHMAN comprehensive range of products and services

Gerhman offers a wide range of products for intelligent, energy-efficient indoor climate comfort, including heating, air conditioning, heat recovery, ventilation for industrial and commercial properties. Personalized With advanced design and manufacturing processes, we are approaching a time where individual products could conceivably be tailor-made to each customer’s exacting requirements. İn a world of many, people in developed countries demand better, more personalized products and experiences. GERHMAN is responding to such customer expectations with the development of specialized products in market niches, many of which can be tailor-made on-demand.

Heating, cooling, ventilation: GERHMAN develops intelligent and sustainable systems – for residential and commercial buildings. Our purpose: we create living spaces for generations to come. All members of the GERHMAN family in 12 countries follow this guiding principle.

Introducing the Nova+ air diffusers

Heating, cooling, ventilation: GERHMAN develops intelligent and sustainable systems – for residential and commercial buildings.