HEKTAŞ F.A.R.M. (Farming, Analysis, Research and More)

Kayseri New Airport Terminal Building
November 2, 2023
THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE IS ENTRUSTED TO HEKTAŞ, HEKTAŞ' PROJECT IS IN THE HANDS OF GERHMAN. As Hektaş brings to life one of Turkey's first and one of the world's leading agricultural R&D centers, it entrusted the ventilation project to GERHMAN. GERHMAN has executed the entire ventilation system of the guesthouse covering a total construction area of 11,254 m² and the congress center buildings with a total construction area of 6,353 m². Get to know GERHMAN and breathe easy in your global projects. Solutions Used: VAV 3000 - GRAND R VAV Units: The VAV3000 Grand Series, certified with hygiene and EN1751 standards, has been utilized. These VAV units offer high energy performance compared to traditional systems. They provide high tightness up to 3000 PA pressure and adjust air volume precisely between the specified minimum and maximum air volume values. This ensures the laboratory's heat and pressure balance remain constant. KDI Floor Type Displacement Diffuser: Through specially designed floor diffusers, it ensures homogeneous distribution of air in conference halls while also providing high energy efficiency due to its operation at low speeds, temperature differences, and pressures. KAPPA Slot Diffuser: Kappa slot diffusers are designed to meet architectural applications requiring continuous lengths without compromising air distribution performance. Kappa offers an ideal combination of engineering excellence and architectural appeal. IOTA-R Circular Ceiling Diffusers: Aerodynamically designed fins provide a tight horizontal airflow pattern that maintains stability even at low air flow velocities. These products have been utilized to meet the ventilation and air distribution requirements of the project.