Unilever HQ Istanbul

Socar Jetty Aliağa
June 28, 2018
Kayseri New Airport Terminal Building
November 2, 2023
Modern workplaces represent the future of work, and the Unilever office in Istanbul stands as a prime example of this trend. Spanning across six floors and covering approximately 15,000 square meters, this state-of-the-art office was meticulously designed to accommodate hybrid work systems and cater to the needs of employees who prioritize a flexible work environment. In response to the challenges posed by the pandemic, Unilever swiftly adapted its strategies and completely revamped the office space. The goal was to provide a setting that surpasses the comforts of home, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere for its employees. Within the renovated building, a range of Gerhman system solutions were deployed, including Architectural Slot Diffusers and various air control and distribution equipment. These installations not only enhance the office's aesthetics but also contribute to a comfortable and productive work environment.